August 15, 2022

How to find the most comfortable pair of heels

By Victoria Cirigliano
How to find the most comfortable pair of heels

We all know that comfortable heels can be hard to find: you might wonder if you have to sacrifice height or maybe get a wider heel. The answer is neither—you need a pair of heels that are specifically made for comfort. Here are some of the main things you should look for: 

Leather is your friend 

A good pair of comfortable heels should be made of leather or suede. These materials can adapt to your feet and form themselves to your foot shape over time, which means they'll be more comfortable than other materials like plastic. 

Get extra support 

You should always look for heels with padded insoles—they'll keep your feet from slipping around inside the shoe, which can cause blisters. You don't want to have any extra pressure or friction on your foot when wearing heels! This will also cushion your step and keep your feet from hurting too much after wearing them for a while (and will also make them more comfortable overall).

padded insoles

Design matters

The shape of your heels should be designed so that your entire foot fits comfortably in the shoe without causing any pressure points or discomfort. They should distribute weight evenly across all surfaces so there's no risk of getting blisters from friction against any sensitive areas on your feet (like between your toes or heels).

Additionally, if your shoes feel like they might slip off your feet at any minute, they're never going to sit comfortably. You might start tensing different muscles in your feet to try and keep them in place which can lead to even more aching. One thing you can do is shop for more secure heel styles —if you have narrow feet or struggle to walk in slip-on heels, try a pair that has an ankle strap for extra support

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BONUS TIP: Break them in! 

Even shoes with low, wide heels and supportive insoles may require some breaking in before they're truly comfortable. It’s always important to wear your shoes around the house during the first week. Start with one hour the first day, two hours the second day, and three hours the third day.

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