March 16, 2023

Metallic Shoes: the newest celebrity trend

By Victoria Cirigliano
Metallic Shoes: the newest celebrity trend

Metallic finishes are a great way to make an outfit pop without really making that much of an effort. They are an easy way to elevate simple outfits, like jeans, or black clothing, and they can definitely be a conversation starter! 

Anne Hathaway has been taking the fashion world by storm the last couple of months. The actress has rediscovered her love for fashion, and seems to be going through a similar process as her character from the beloved movie The Devil Wears Prada

So of course we’re all paying attention to what she wears, and how she styles it. More recently, she was caught rocking a pair of metallic cowboy boots, taking an outfit from casual to chic and sophisticated with a simple shoe choice. 

anne hathaway metallic boots

She’s not the only one who’s obsessed with metallic shoes. Katie Holmes has been spotted wearing silver pumps recently. They’ve also been all over the latest fashion shows, including half the models at the Chanel couture show at Paris Fashion Week last month. 

chanel show metallic shoes

Chanel’s SS23 Couture Show

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metallic sandals
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Our Helena Silver pumps. 
metallic sandals
Our Naomi gold sandals. 
metallic shoes
Our Ibiza Gold pumps. 

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